Instagram Phone Number

Instagram Phone Number

  • Support TollFree : (0 Waiting Time)
  • Call Time : 24/7
  • Talk to a Live Person : Press 1 at the main menu
  • Contact if You Have a Problem : Press 2 at the main menu
  • Get My Account Back : Press 3 at the main menu
  • Speak to Someone : Press 4 at the main menu
  • Recover My Account : Press 5 at the main menu
  • Speak to a Representative : Press 6 at the main menu
  • Contact Customer Service : Press 7 at the main menu
  • Talk to a Live Person : Press 8 at the main menu
  • Contact by Phone : Press 9 at the main menu
  • Get a Refund : Press * at the main menu
  • Talk to a Representative : Press # at the main menu
  • Company URL : Instagram
  • Skype : Call Via Skype

Know Some popular Topics with Instagram

Youths second choice other than Facebook is Instagram. And it is estimated that it is soon going to surpass the original app Facebook in various terms. However, the concept of sharing valuable moments through images made Instagram a unique and well-liked social media platform. But the back support of Facebook gave it a significant boost. If you are an existing user or looking forward to some business opportunities through this online portal, then you are going in the right direction. You can connect Instagram Customer Service Phone Number in order to have a better understanding of all aspects.

Instagram Support on Some Popular Topics

Sign up for an Instagram account

To enable yourself to access Instagram features, you need to register yourself on Instagram. For creating an Instagram app you need to follow below-mentioned steps:

Account from Phone

  • Download app ( iPhone users from app store, and android users from google play store)
  • Tap the Instagram icon to open it after the app is installed.
  • Now either touch option for sign up with mail or phone number, and enter the details, and then tap next. ( Android phone)
  • You can also login to your Instagram account through Facebook.
  • You have to create your unique username and password if you want to register it with your email or phone number.

For creating Instagram account from PC:

  • Visit official website
  • Click sign up, enter mail id, create user name & password. You can also login to your Instagram through Facebook login.
  • If you want to register with an email, just click sign up.  If to register with Facebook, you will get a prompt to sign in your FB account when you are already logged out.

Instagram Help- Know how to update the Instagram profile?

For making any kind of update in your Instagram profile, you will have to log in to your account. Updating profile means you are up to change username, email id or something else associated with the account. For this,

  • Move to  your profile
  • Tap Edit profile
  • Here edit your concerned information and then tap option, "done" (iPhone), and Submit ( PC and or mobile browser)

In the profile section there is certain information that is not visible to anyone, but only  you.

If while making changes to your account, if you are not able to sign in to your account due to lost password or hacked account issue, then you can take direct help from experts via toll-free Instagram contact number.

Questions and Answers that may help you utilize Instagram better

Question: 1 I received an email of Instagram account creation through my email, but I never sign up new account

Answer: Most often it might happen by any user by mistake when he/she tries to register Instagram through your mail address. To remove your mail from account:

  • 1- Log out from the Instagram account. Be sure to have access to the email address associated with your account before signing out from our account.
  • 2- To report officially to Instagram that you were not signing up, go the bottom of the page and click option let us know.

Question: 2 I can't sign up for my Instagram account, as I receive a message that my account number already exists.

Answer: There might be two conditions if you see this message:

1-If you register previously through your mail or phone and lost your password, then you can resign into your account by resetting your password.

2- In the second option, if you find that you have not previously registered, and also typing the right mail address you're not able to get into your account, then talk to our experts via Instagram number.

Question 3: What can I do if I forget Instagram password?

Answer: If you don't remember your Instagram password, then you can reset it through your email address, phone number or Facebook account. If this way to reset the password does not help you, then you can contact the Instagram phone number for additional help.

Question 4: What if you don't receive mail to reset the password in the Instagram account?


  • If you are not receiving the email to reset your password, then there are many possibilities that it will go to the spam section of your mail.
  • The second option might be due to mistyped mail after the sign up for Instagram. To search password reset mail try following ways:
  • Check spam filter of your mail account
  • Use Facebook verification to reset your password if your Instagram or Facebook accounts are linked.
  • Contact mail service provider to confirm whether emails with Instagram domain are allowed.

I hope, you could know Instagram sign in, profile creation and password reset information. Other than these issues, you can join Instagram Customer Service in order to get answers to other questions related to it. You can dial Instagram Phone Number anytime in order to get the right answer to your queries. Some of the other questions are listed below:

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2- What to do when access or phone number is lost

3- How to recover the hacked account, and secure future compromises?

4- How to enable my disabled Instagram account?

5- Where to go for setting Instagram account to private.

6- Where can I find Instagram phone number?

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