Hotmail Phone Number

Hotmail Phone Number

  • Support TollFree : (0 Waiting Time)
  • Call Time : 24/7
  • Talk to a Live Person : Press 1 at the main menu
  • Contact if You Have a Problem : Press 2 at the main menu
  • Get My Account Back : Press 3 at the main menu
  • Speak to Someone : Press 4 at the main menu
  • Recover My Account : Press 5 at the main menu
  • Speak to a Representative : Press 6 at the main menu
  • Contact Customer Service : Press 7 at the main menu
  • Talk to a Live Person : Press 8 at the main menu
  • Contact by Phone : Press 9 at the main menu
  • Get a Refund : Press * at the main menu
  • Talk to a Representative : Press # at the main menu
  • Company URL : Hotmail
  • Skype : Call Via Skype

Explore Significant Features Of Hotmail With Hotmail Support

Hotmail is a part of Microsoft and is one of the oldest and excellent webmail services. The name has been changed to Moreover, you can use free and paid both services from this mail service. The user can enjoy benefits such as more storage space, no ads are known to account expiration and it costs only $19.95 for one year. Moreover, this service is known as Hotmail Plus. To use Hotmail with ease and at the fingertip, contact Hotmail Customer Service Phone Number.

The invention of Hotmail was with the thought of getting free from ISP-based email services. It was the creation of Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith. In the early nineties, this platform has brought a drastic change in the way of online communication which the user can access anywhere across the globe. To offer such service, Hotmail was the first one in the world. Hotmail Customer service is always there to support you and guide you in a proper manner to use this platform easily and comfortably.

Let’s Have A Glimpse At Significant Features Of Hotmail

Edit, share & view Office Docs - The users are now allowed to access free Microsoft office web to edit, share and view official documents on a computer without downloading. Moreover, you can access and open the document anytime anywhere. All the documents get saved in Hotmail, so there is no need to open a computer. You can easily edit any presentation and save the changes and it will save on SkyDrive. If there is no Microsoft office on the system, then also you can use the docs due to this feature.

Security - This webmail has introduced A-level security which means HTTPS will be there for the whole session of usage of this email.

Send Large Files - The incorporation of Skydrive has made possible to transfer large files in Hotmail. Moreover, you can send up to ten GB files in one email. Apart from this, you will get 25 GB free space which is offered by Skydrive.

Edit And Reply - The introduction of this feature has made replying to any email very convenient. There is no need to download the mail on the computer and do the editing. By this feature, you can easily edit the document.

Real-Time Document Collaboration - This feature allows many people to work at the same time. To view the file online, which you will get on on the sender’s SkyDrive of the document and then you are required to click on the file. More you can also check how many persons are doing editing the particular filer at the end right-hand corner. Apart from this, changes can be checked by you.

View & Send Images - All the images which the user receives get stored in SkyDrive, which can be easily accessible with the slideshow.

Quick Views - To view quickly email you can select the particular word to check all the mail with attached documents, for example, if you want to check the email related to images, then you can easily and quickly filter such emails by clicking the images link provided on the left side.

Search Auto-Complete - To get any specific email just write the letters and you will get terms automatically through this search autocomplete feature.

Sweep - This is the best feature to get rid of any email which you want to want to view, just use this feature and select delete all form or move all form

Text Messaging & IM from Inbox - Now you can do conversation with your friends who are all using Hotmail. On the left side, there is a chat option available, in which you can check the number of friends who are online, busy or idle. Apart from this, send text messages just right click on the name of the Hotmail friend and they will get the message in their inbox of Phone.

There many more significant features of Hotmail which make its best and exceptional from other webmail services. Apart from this, there are many features on which the team is working to get provided a more comfortable zone to the users. If you confront any type of issue, contact Hotmail Help. The issue will be resolved the knowledgeable and specialized experts. The user can contact them at any time as they work 24/7 to help their precious users to overcome any issues.

How To Make Hotmail Account More Secure?

The invention of Hotmail was a break in online communication. According to the present technology time, Privacy and security are very good. The user’s data are encrypted. To breach anyone’s account, one has to take proper permission from the owner. However, if the user found any doubtful thing in the account, then he/she can dial Hotmail Phone Number. The team of experts will assist them properly to recover the account and will provide all the checklist to secure account more. At any moment you can seek support from Hotmail Support to get any issue resolution related to the account. Let’s have a look to make the account more secure

  • Always make password solid and unparalleled, which should be a combination of numbers, special characters, and alphabets.
  • Do not use the account on a public computer, always try to use the account on a dedicated system.
  • It is always recommended to not to use wifi offered publically. 
  • While doing registration always add the phone number and email address so that you get the message if anyone tries to invade your account.
  • Do not write or share the password with anyone.

At any stage, if you need any type of assistance related to Hotmail, feel free to dial Hotmail Customer Service Number. The issue will be handled by efficient and skilled technicians who always work with loyalty and responsibility to support the user. By Dialing Hotmail Number you will get step by step troubleshooting steps over the phone and moreover, they will hang with you till you do not get pleases with the answer. Apart from this, to resolve your issue on time and serve you in a better way they work round the clock.

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