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Epson Printer Support- Know how to use it better

Epson printer makes your printing experience quite nice. It is the printer brand that attracts both persons and businesses. In terms of print quality, durability and work performance, every model of the Epson printer meets the standard guidelines. So, which model you have, are you a new customer, or using the printer from the previous few years. Whatever! The technical issue is what that might come across with you while using printer is most often with anyone. So, getting in contact with reliable Epson Technical Support will always be a healthy deal for you. Aiming best to let you find out the solution to some common printer issues, we are mentioning a few questions here.

Issue with Printer due to Windows Update

It has been the most common query raised by windows users that after making a security update in their windows PC, their Dot Matrix printer seems unable to print, and point of sale printers figured out following issues:

  • Rotated printing (only for 180°/270°)->Nothing prints
  • Option, "always image barcode enables"->Barcode, 2D code isn't printed
  • Device for font submission enabled-> The font that is replaced isn't printed

To know more, or get the right guidance, you can make direct contact with experts via toll-free Epson Phone Number.

Epson support-Effective tips and easy steps to download drivers from Epson Website

There are so many printer drivers, applications & utilities available that can be downloaded free from support pages of EPSON Website.

Important 1:

  • On searching on website options seen in-front of you will differ according to operating system and browsers
  • Names of file can also differ depending upon model number, product, and operating system

Downloading Steps

Step 1: First of all, click here to open the Epson Homepage

Step 2: Once the Epson homepage is open, just click the support option available at the top of your webpage.

Step 3: Keep scrolling until you find your model

Step 4: Submit the name and serial number of EPSON, and click search.

Once you type in the search box, you will get different suggestions for matches of one or more products. Be careful while choosing the right model from the list.

Important 2

  • In case you can't see the product in the search box, you should check whether there is some mistyping.
  • Also, check that your product and model number how is supported.

Step 5: You will be able to see the drivers and manuals section under. The webpage automatically recognizes the operating system.

Step 6: Now choose the software you wish to install as mentioned above.

Step 7: To go ahead, click the download button, and the software will start downloading

Step 8: Click option Run when you get prompt. After a successful download, files will extract.

Step 9: After that, you need to follow instructions on the screen for installing your software.

I hope, you're able to download Epson Printer Driver following the steps mentioned above. In case you find some technical issues, you can join the Epson customer service.

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So, are you too among users having any of the questions mentioned above! Or there is some other specific query.  There are several ways through which you can get the answer to your questions. You can visit the official help center page, ask your question in the community, connect Epson Printer Technical Support executives through live chat, send a query through the mail, or call toll-free Epson number.

What is the best mode to Get Support?

Phone call is the easiest way to connect with anyone is preferred mostly as the best mean to get Epson Technical Support. Also, feedback from lots of clients reveals that the number of satisfactorily resolved cases is comparatively higher than other modes of communication. Our Epson support phone lines are available 24x7 round the clock lets you find the best possible solution to your problems.

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