Explore relevant tips to change the Facebook account password

February 13, 2021 • By Custhelp

Explore relevant tips to change the Facebook account password

Explore relevant tips to change the Facebook account password

Today, people may find multiple sources to stay connected to their families and friends. Social media platform like Facebook has become the preference of many people in the current time. They are also using it for their business objectives. The main reason is that it is the best way to reach a large number of people from a single source. But users need to manage Facebook quite proficiently to avoid errors with it. Various times the use of the wrong password creates issues in accessing the Facebook account. At that time, users could not understand what should be done for the proper management of their accounts. Do they get involved in searching the process for How to change Facebook password?

These are a common occurrence with the Facebook platform. People use it frequently to send and receive messages. Besides this, they also upload the status and make comments on other’s posts and many more. These aspects keep them connected with intended people and others as well. Thus, users need to have an idea about How to change Facebook password? Changing the password includes certain processes. Users need to follow those carefully to avoid problems. They should explore the solution strategies to use the Facebook account with no hassles.

Steps to change the Facebook account password:

Changing the Facebook account password is not a tough task. Simply Facebook users need to understand the tactics so that they can easily set a new password for their Facebook account. Social media is an important platform and thus should be handled with care. Technical problems keep on appearing with the Facebook account but they should be active to troubleshoot it with their effort. They can gain knowledge about the relevant tips to create a new password in case they are unable to access their Facebook account with their current password. 

  • While beginning the process, users need to click on the right side of the home page of the current Facebook account.
  • Thereafter, they will require clicking on the security and login option for the accomplishment of the procedure.
  • Now, they should tap on the edit option that is available next to the change password.
  • In the last process, users will require clicking on the save change option. 

Methods to add the recovery email:

Adding recovery email proves the wise step. Facebook users get forget their password and users if at any time. They have lots of tasks on an everyday basis and thus there is the possibility that they can slip the password out of their notice. At last, this creates problems for them in accessing the Facebook account. Thus, it is necessary to learn the methods to add the recovery mail to manage their Facebook account problems. Such an initiative will help Facebook users to get the solution easily with their recovery email.

  • First of all, people should open their Facebook account and access the setting menu.
  • Thereafter, they should select the contact which lies in the general tab and add a backup email address.
  • After that, the user should select the security and login tab which is available on the left.
  • Now, they need to scroll down to add extra security.
  • At last, people may choose friends that will help them for the recovery of the Facebook account.

What are the tips to reset the password?

  • At the start of the password resetting process, people should access the account page.
  • Now, they will require stating the email address and click on the search option.
  • At the end of the step, they have to execute the instructions available on the screen.


Facebook users may implement efficient tips for the management of their accounts. To change and reset the password, users may opt for the mentioned techniques. This is a solution step that they should consider to access the Facebook account under the troublesome situation. 



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