How to unblock the temporarily locked Yahoo account?

January 04, 2021 • By Custhelp

How to unblock the temporarily locked Yahoo account?

How to unblock the temporarily locked Yahoo account?

These days, Yahoo is one of the most used and reliable email services that have a wide customer base. There are millions of active users of Yahoo all around the world. It helps to compose emails, send emails, receive emails, make live video calls, and many more. You can get all these benefits with just a Yahoo email account. But, sometimes, Yahoo restricts your access to the yahoo account because of security reasons. In such a case, your Yahoo account will get locked temporarily. If you want to unlock your yahoo account then you can do this easily by following a few steps.

For all sorts of technical issues, there’s the availability of the Yahoo technical support team. Users just need to make a call to the experts to fix the issues instantly.

Why am I locked out of my Yahoo email account?

The users of Yahoo always ask about the reason for locking the account. There are no one reasons that make this error to happen. If you are entering the wrong login detail multiple times then you might face this problem. Another reason is any kind of suspicious account activity that can cause hacking, If Yahoo is detecting any suspicious activity then it locks your account for 12 to 24 hours.

How can I unlock my Yahoo mail account?

To unlock your yahoo account with ease, you just need to mention the correct credentials while signing in. Apart from this, you are needed to sign in from a different server for the formation of new cookies. By following these, you can get rid of your technical woes instantly.

Other than this, users of Yahoo can also go to the Yahoo help page to proceed further and unlock their Yahoo account:

  • go to Yahoo Help Page.
  • Here, you’ll need to just tap on the option “Account Locked”
  • Find the option of Sign-in Helper to tap on it
  • Mention your Phone Number or Yahoo Mail Address to get the code or account key
  • The user will get an ‘Account Key’ in the recovery mail or mobile number.
  • Follow the steps and use the account key to regain access to your locked Yahoo.

How do I unblock my Yahoo email account?

Sometimes, users get frustrated with unwanted emails from random persons. In such a situation, you can block or unblock the email address. For blocking, you will have to follow these instructions:

  • Move your mouse over the Settings icon that appears like a gear.
  • After this, click “Blocked Addresses”.
  • Here, you’re needed to enter an email address in the space given for "Add an address". Finally, click Block.

tO unblock an email address on Yahoo:

  • Go to the Settings menu icon and select Settings.
  • Again, tap on the option of “Blocked Addresses”.
  • Look for the email address in the list to select it for unblocking.
  • The final step is to click “Remove”.

Whenever you encounter Yahoo related technical woe, you just need to talk to the techies of the support team. The technical support team is your perfect option for resolving the locked account issue. All that you need to do is to give a phone call to the techies to get simple and instant troubleshooting solutions.

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