What is Yahoo Temporary Error 15?

January 02, 2021 • By Custhelp

What is Yahoo Temporary Error 15?

What is Yahoo Temporary Error 15?

Yahoo is emerging as a prominent email service provider. It believes in providing a seamless mailing service to the users. Most of the yahoo mail users have faced a yahoo Temporary Error 15 while sending an email or doing other tasks on the application. This is a common issue still most of us don't know how to fix. Hence, in this blog, we will talk about this Error. Besides, we would also tell you some tips to get smoothly rid of this error.

If you are facing Temporary Error 15 for the first time then you are wondering why exactly these errors have arisen. We would like to tell you that an error 15 is the consequences of wrong configuration settings. If you have recently made any changes in your device and suddenly sees an error 15 then this error must be the result of those changes. That is why experts never suggest making manual changes in the configuration.

As the name implies that it is a temporary error, so it impacts the system for a temporary time. Generally, an error 15 issue remains on the server for a few hours. Many of us are avid users of yahoo mail and can not wait for an hour to get this fixed. That is why experts have suggested some ways to fix the error 15 issues in no time.

How do I fix Yahoo Mail Problems Error 15?

Yahoo Temporary Error 15 is very common these days. Every other customer is observing this issue while working on yahoo mail. So many online tutorials are also there to get rid of an error 15 issue. But you can follow the below tips to fix error 15 on your device. Once you read this blog, you will never experience this error or will fix this in a few minutes.

  • First of all, we advise users to log out of their yahoo mail account from all devices. Generally, when we log out of an account and login in again it will restore the configuration setting of the system. So, logging out of your account can fix your error 15 issues instantly.
  • An error 15 issues can also arise because of operating yahoo on an unsupported browser. All the latest browsers and operating systems support the yahoo mail application. But if you are using any old browser then you might be getting an error 15 issue because of this. Hence, we suggest yahoo mail users use a supported browser to login to the yahoo website.
  • Moreover, if you want to login into your yahoo mail account on your laptop then also you need to check the operating system.
  • A bulky cache file is never beneficial for the system. Therefore, excessive cache saved in your device can be the reason for this error. If you have not checked the cache files for since long then we suggest you delete these files. After deflecting the cache files, you have to restart the application or browser to automatically detect the configuration settings and make changes.
  • Additionally, if you clean your cache frequently and still face issues then this is not because of the cache files. In this scenario, you can choose to simply reset the browser to make it work. If it was general then your issue will get fixed automatically.

If you are getting an error 15 issue after performing all the above steps then there is the only way to fix the issue is to contact the yahoo support team. The deft yahoo professionals will surely tell you some innovative things to fix this issue.

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